Consulting & inventory management


Improve your employees productivity by
using our applications, specially
created for HORECA businesses.


Uprise POS

Full ordering software solution
for restaurants, caffes, pubs and bars

Mobile POS

A software solution compatible with
any device and operating system

Uprise Hotel

A complete software for
hotels, villas or toursit complexes

Stock Management

A complete software solution
for stock management

Uprise POS

We have created an intuitive software application that allows
waiters to spend very little time in front of the monitor and
much more time with the customers. From marking the order to
issuing the payment note, the entire waiter’s experience is
very simple and easy. Also, accessing reports or other specific
managerial staff functions is just as intuitive and simple.

Uprise mobile POS

Uprise Mobile POS is compatible with any existing mobile device (phone, tablet, tablet or tablet) and any operating system (IOS, Android or Windows Phone). We offer you the freedom to choose any mobile equipment according to your business and budget.